Mom of a 2 yr 7 m old girl2 years ago

Q. My baby not digesting anything instead of breast milk plz suggest something

APARNA PMom of a 3 yr 4 m old girl2 years ago
A. Don't give any type of gripe water. Not suggested by any doctor. Give only breast milk. If it's not enough give home made multi grain cerelac. It sholud be in liquid form for your baby's age. Later you can make as semi solid. Can continue this recipe till baby start's solids. And give boiled vegetable purees (potato, carrot, apple, banana). You can add breast milk in purees.
Roopashree SiddireddyMom of a 5 yr 5 m old girl2 years ago
A. Breast milk is the best for babies under 6 months. only after completion of 6 months you need to start solids. Till then don't give anything. In case of any doubts, please consult your doctor .
Bindu GowdaMom of a 2 yr 9 m old girl2 years ago
A. hi mom actually ur not suppose to give anything other than ur breast milk because baby will not b able to digest any solid food .u can start only plain Ragi sari n give ur baby bonnissan or wood ward's which helps ur baby to get relief soon.
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