Guardian of a 1 m old boy3 days ago

Q. my baby is preterm weight was 1.5kg nl.delivered on Nov 6th now he is 1780 grams...i have very very less milk production so i m giving top up feed aptamil preterm ...but i m observing hard stools vth bloody tinged is this normal or shud be worried is okay I m giving 20ml apatamil that is 1 scoop of powder in 30ml water and is it okay if i m giving only aptamil vth less breast milk

ExpertShyamala SathiaseelanLactation Educator and Counselor3 days ago
A. Dear Mamma, please follow instructions on the box to mix formula. Please give plenty of skin to skin as that will increase your supply. Please use slowest flow nipple and do paced bottle feeding. Try using hospital grade pump to express milk. blood in stool is not a good sign
Swati MMom of a 3 yr 11 m old girl3 days ago
A. Hi Game of the baby was okay since in the first 10 days baby loses 200 to 300 g and then there is a gain of 500 to 700 g per month so it will be better if you keep a check on that and check with the doctor if the problem is not
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