Mom of a 2 yr 4 m old boy

Q. My baby is not sleeping at night for past 2 days. I follow the normal routine of feeding him then changing his diaper and then turning the lights off but he doesn't want to sleep and gets down from the bed. After few mins he would want me to pick him up n get on bed and then again he will get down from bed. If I try to make him sleep then he starts crying our loudly. If I let him play on his own then also he starts crying. M not sure what to do. I have a job to do n it becomes tiring for me also I am worried about his constant screams n cries. He keeps on screaming if he doesn't get what he wants.

A.AhmedMom of a 2 yr 3 m old child
A. baby might be in teething phase
bhargava.dr.ruchi@gmail.comMom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl
A. rule out worm infestation
Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 4 m old boy
A. Yes I do sing songs for him.. and try to tell him stories but he constantly wants to run or walk or get out of bed. Also I tried massaging oil on his head but he doesn't sit for that as well. Then I let him play or wander in the room but he starts crying again after few minutes. Not sure what does he wants and why he screams so loud.
ExpertVarsha PramodhNutritionist
A. Just sing a song or tell him a very simple story when on bed. Also, buy him a sleep buddy that is a soft toy to hold and sleep. This will encourage him to sleep. Also, at this age children are like this so give him some time. And after you get back from work make sure to play with him for a while. this will reduce his irritability.
sweetyMom of a 4 yr old girl
A. It happens with babies at this stage all you need is to massage regularly on the head of your baby for 15 minutes like we do champi to pit the baby to sleep
Q. Q. sleep issues.any sleep consultant or experts please help. any mom who faced same issues My 3 month old son is sleeping in cradle from day 1. i want him to sleep in bed next to me. main problem is its difficult to stop cradle sleep. my nephew slept in cradle for 3 years. it was always tiring to rock him coz of hand pain. with great difficulty v stopped cradle. also v had to carry the cradle where ever v had to go. mostly v never go out coz of this. i don't want the same to happen again. any tips to make baby sleep in bed and not in cradle strategies : 1. make him sleep in cradle, once he s in deep sleep put him in bed ( disadvantage - he stretches a lot to pass gas and he wakes up due to that shaking n cradle feel not der) 2. he sleeps while feeding. keep him in my hand full time when he sleeps. disadvantage i can't move. have not tried this still 3. make him sleep in bed compulsorily. i tried this but he started crying on top of his voice. felt bad and after few mins put him in cradle. am not sure if i allow him to cry excessive ly at one point he might sleep getting tired. but cud not see him crying badly. how much ever he is sleepy he keeps yawning he refuses to sleep his 4th month started, he is fascinated by lights. his sleep is all over the place. he sleeps at 4 am fully awake at night. am really frustrated. only my mom is der to help she is also 65 yrs old n has only some capacity. my spinal.cord aches when I stand n rock cradle. today severe pain i dint sleep at all.ifeel like crying all the time. sometimes i show my anger on my very caring sweet husband. my son controls his sleep. am really worried. please someone help me. any baby sleep consultant or experts
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