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Mom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy

Q. My baby is done 14th week vaccination now next is at 6th months. Should i go for the normal one or painless vaccination is good? Which one shuld i go for?

nethraMom of a 2 yr 2 m old girl
A. which is 6th month vaccination
Akula AnushaMom of 2 children
A. Prefer Normal vaccine.... Don't go for painless.
Rashmi ShettyMom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl
A. 6th month vaccine is a flu vaccine which doesn't cause fever and pain it's not a painful vaccination
sweetyMom of a 4 yr 1 m old girl
A. It's completely your choice my choice would be painless one but do consult with your pediatrician for the exact difference as the only difference is that the it painless one is quite expensive and it leads to a mild fever but as per my doctors 2 years back the doctor was not ready to give the painless one as she said that they were some important vaccinations missing and painless ones are not that effective so she gave the painful
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