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Mom of a 3 yr 5 m old boy

Q. My baby is 9 month old and I'm pregnant now my last period is on may 11 therefore it's been nearly one month since I got pregnant .. plz suggest whether to continue my pregnancy ..I had my first baby through c section

Author of questionMom of a 3 yr 5 m old boy
A. Harmful in what terms ? Please advice
SunayanaMom of a 4 yr old boy
A. see doc asap
neelMom of a 3 yr 7 m old boy
A. hi.... look its ur own decision weather you continue or not but its better you consult your gyno what ur dr say bcoz ur first baby is cesasrean so might be you have h problem ... so according to me dont continue bcz its harmful for you......
ExpertVasudha SainikClinical Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator
A. PLz go see a Dr ASAP.
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