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Guardian of a 8 m old boy

Q. My baby is 7 months old . His eyes are red since 2-3 days. How to cure it?

ExpertDr. Mohammad imranPaediatrician
A. hi parent it's hard to comment upon without proper examination it may be due to allergy if you notice any discharge from eyes consult ophthalmologist for examination and medication . . .
Sai Prasanthi R LMom of a 6 yr 3 m old boy
A. Hello dear parent!! As long as there is no irritation, watery eyes it is alright. It can be because of increasing summers. Increase the liquid intake of your child. Take a soft cotton cloth dipped in normal water. Gently clean your baby’s eyes by slightly and gently patting the eyes. Let the child be in temperature controlled comfortable surroundings. If the problem persists consult your child’s doctor for advice. Good luck and take care.
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