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Mom of a 3 yr 10 m old girl
4 Answers
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 6 yr 7 m old boy3 years ago
A. yes you can give ragi to your baby.,.Its very nutritious... but after 7 months...
Nitika Dhingra Rawal Dhingra RawalMom of a 4 yr 10 m old boy3 years ago
A. Hello dear Not right now but when semi solids will be started then..Start with liquids like coconut water, dal water, vegetable water..rice water..
Aparna SharmaMom of a 4 yr 3 m old girl3 years ago
A. hi dear, yes Rahi is very nutritious and good for health. but I would suggest you to wait for 2-3 months. till then feed the baby lighter things like fruits puree, mashed vegetables, daal water. later you can give Ragi as porridge but grind it properly and mash or blend so that consistency is ok for baby. also, follow 3day rule to avoid any allergies
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