Mom of a 1 yr old girl9 months ago

Q. my baby is 3 months old and she is suffering from cough and cold how to cure her as she can't take out her mucus from her throat. pls guide me

ExpertDr Arti SharmaPaediatrician9 months ago
A. Hi put nasal saline drops three to four drops in each nostril three times a day give indirect steam make baby wear weather appropriate clothing avoid cold climate anybody suffering from cold may stay away from baby hand washing is important for preventing infections
Sneha PuruswaniMom of 2 children9 months ago
A. Light massage of mustard oil or coconut oil will help your baby to get relief from cough. Do massage on chest & back of your baby. Roast 2–3 big cloves of garlic & few pinches of Ajwain on tawa for just one minute. You will be able to smell powerful fumes. Let the mixture cool down and keep near your child. The smell of mixture will heal the cold & cough of your child. You can also bind the mixture in pouch for better handling. Warm up coconut oil and add tulsi leaves. Apply this oil on chest of your baby before sleep. You can also do hair massage with same oil . It will give relief from cold and cough
SanthoshiMom of a 2 yr 3 m old girl9 months ago
A. Keep baby hydrated. Feed every few hours that is the best way to cure soon. Also add tulsi leaves to warm coconut oil and apply to baby's chest sole and back. Keep baby warm. Home remedies are good but it would take a longer time to recover. Babies cant bear for a long time. It's better to check with doctor once and you can treat with medicines and home remedies parallel.
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