Mom of a 7 m old girl5 months ago

Q. my baby is 2 months old. is it safe to go on vacation? is flight journey safe?

ExpertDr. Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist5 months ago
A. hi , yes you can travel with baby. during take off and landing ear block / pain may occur in babies, try to feed or let the child suck on pacifier or bottle nipple during that period. avoid aisle seat to prevent accidental injuries to the baby due to luggage and co-passengers.
meghali BorahMom of a 2 yr 6 m old boy5 months ago
A. Yes flight journey is safe but a month old baby is too delicate and can easily catches infection if exposed to outside world this early. And even if you do, please maintain proper hygiene and keep the baby away from so much crowded place for another month or two
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