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Mom of a 3 m old boy
37 Answers
Prodipta ChoudhuryMom of a 3 m old girl2 days ago
A. Hi all I am mom of 3.5 month old baby girl . My baby was latching well every 2 hours . After she has completed 3 months , she is mostly distracted while breastfeeding and only drinks properly when she is sleepy or sleeping. But when she is awake she refuses to latch. Because of that she behaves cranky and cries . I tried with expressing milk and feeding her with spoon (jhinuk) but she vomit what ever she drinks as she cries a lot while feeding with spoon. The only thing I am doing to feed her now is making her sleepy . Please suggest me some ideas so that I can feed her well
Gayathri VPMom of a 3 m old boy3 days ago
A. Hi ,i am having heavy white discharge after my delivery...3 months old baby..Dng breast feeding so plz suggestion me some home remedies..usually an having white discharge but now a days it has increased...Shall i have aloe vera gel with butter milk in empty stomach?? it will affect breast feeding?
AakritiwithloveMom of a 3 m old boy1 week ago
A. Increase ur milk supply by using asparagus granules (shatavri granules) take supplements to increase ur supply rather than formula, till 6 months baby should be exclusively breastfed
Pratyusha KMom of 2 children1 week ago
A. Hello mother, there is nothing wrong in feeding formula milk if you having low milk supply, my doctor suggested me to give formula milk along with breast milk, consult your pediatrician once before starting, and to increase breast milk they have given LACTONIC GRANULES, it's aayurvedic, you can try it.
Abhishek KumarFather of a 3 m old girl3 weeks ago
A. baby ka 2 months 13 day ho gaya hai but nabhi ka gaw avi v Thora sa hai plz bataye kaise thik hoga .ye dava laga rahe hai is aaram milta hai aur jab dava lagana chor dete hai to phir ho jata hai .
sindhu nairMom of a 3 m old girl4 weeks ago
A. Hello Instead of formula milk you can take the powder that helps to increase the breast milk. This was suggested to me by my doc . Name of the product is Galact . It is ayurvedic medicine for mother to increase the breast milk naturally Please consult the dic before switching to formula milk along with breast milk . Regards Sindhu
vartikaMom of a 3 m old girl4 weeks ago
A. i have similar que to my pediatrician and he suggested that feed with one breast at a time and next time use another... even if u feel empty breast then also they produce sufficient milk acc to age of ur baby.... make environment healthy, happy and tension free... also he asked me to have pizza cheese , dark chocolate both of them increase milk supply..... it works for me u can also try(mother of 2 nd half month old daughter
abhishek kumarFather of a 3 m old child4 weeks ago
A. My 2 and half month old baby is sweating too much now a days despite of 23°c weather, is it normal? He has been administered 10th week vaccination 9 days back.Is it effect of vaccination?
Angana ghoshMom of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. Please consult with Doctor first. I had same issue so my Dr. prescribed Similac IQ+
Ananthi DeviMom of 2 children1 month ago
A. Dear doctors, yesterday my kid had fever with the temperature 99.5 and I given the paratetmol to him. today the temperature shows 97.5 but his body is hot. Can I give medicine to him ?? pls give suggestions
SamarGuardian of a 2 m old boy1 month ago
A. how much milk (ml)does 1nd half mnth baby can take at one time?
DEEPAK SRIDHARFather of 2 children1 month ago
A. Have overnight soaked methi seed with its water it helps
priyakshi tamuliMom of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. add as much as masoor dal as you can.. to increase milk
heenaMom of 4 children1 month ago
A. my baby also 2 mnths old n m also gvng him cow milk..
heenaMom of 4 children1 month ago
A. yessss u can give him...
Jishna BaluMom of a 3 m old child1 month ago
A. yes you can give formula milk also.. Am doing the same.. but make sure that you breast feed first then give formula... and add more leafy vegetables in your diet to improve milk suppky.
Dakshayani jayarajMom of a 3 m old girl1 month ago
A. yes you can give both at one go.i am doing the same.
thottempudi alekhyaMom of a 3 m old child1 month ago
A. you can use lactozen stage1
Kamlakshi SantoshGuardian of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. i have baby boy and now he is 2mnth old.he had daiper rash since from 3days ago...i called his dr he told to use soloderm mixi cream 3times a day because deu to this pandemic I can't go for consultation cause there are many pateint here.. so please do help me
laxmiMom of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. hye mummy you can eat good food and your breast milke is increased my baby also 2 months
Rituparna GhoshMom of a 2 m old girl1 month ago
A. Try breast feeding..If your breast milk is low use Galact powder.. It will helps you
neha summyMom of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. you can also use galact powder with milk. i also used it coz my milk was also very low
Rituparna GhoshMom of a 2 m old girl1 month ago
A. Use Galact Powder..Iam using it for same iis very very effective..
ruhiGuardian of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. hey mummy eat bread with milk.
AlinaMom of 3 children1 month ago
A. Use GALACT powder it helps to increase milk is very effetive powder..i use this powder my baby is 3 month old
Neena GuptaMom of a 2 m old girl1 month ago
A. use Mamaearth milk tea. it helps in increasing breast milk as it has fenugreek in it.
MMFather of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. my one month baby is having fever temperature is 100.c plz suggest what should I give him immediately to bring down his temperature...
JUHI AGRAWALMom of a 2 m old girl1 month ago
A. Its fine to give formula milk along with breast milk but don't mix both things at same time. like at a time if you're giving breast milk then dont give formula milk immediately after that. make a schedule for breast milk & formula milk.
Savita ManglaMom of a 2 m old boy1 month ago
A. use Mamaearth milk tea. it really helps in increasing breast milk. it has no side effects. it has fenugreek as ingredient in it.
Mamta MeenaGuardian of 0 children1 month ago
A. you should take least 1 kg.milk a will experience the changes very soon.,.
Nisha MishraMom of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. Hello momy, I am also facing the same problem, and it is totally safe to give formula milk after breastfeeding.
Malhar PatnaikGuardian of a 2 m old girl1 month ago
A. My baby is 1 month old. I was advised to take Lactare tablets (2 tablets thrice in a day) plus Shatavari powder in milk twice a day. These are ayurvedic medicines with no side effects. You may reduce or increase the dosage to increase/decrease your supply. They worked like magic for me as a kick-start after my delivery and then I started taking maadh (boiled rice starch water) and stopped taking meds, but pls ensure that baby is latching well.
ExpertVarsha SatyanLactation Expert1 month ago
A. Hi... With your question I have a small doubt, are you exclusively directly breastfeeding your baby or are you expressing the milk using a pump or hand express and then giving it through spoon Paladai or bottle? If you are directly breastfeeding your baby, kindly get a latch and feeding position examined before taking any tablets. Please remember if the baby is properly breastfed directly, your milk supply will increase based on the child’s demand.
Rashmi GuptaMom of a 6 yr 2 m old girl1 month ago
A. You can try going for fenugreek capsule and if you wish to you can get and search your gynaecologist for any other if she can suggest you better than this.
Author of questionMom of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
A. thank u mam.. which one is the best lactation capsule u suggest?
Rashmi GuptaMom of a 6 yr 2 m old girl1 month ago
A. Hello mam if you’re not getting sufficient breastfeed you can try using lactation capsules available in the market and if they also don’t help you they can you can will certainly start giving formula feed to your child as it is completely healthy and safe for a child’s consumption.
PoojaMom of a 3 yr 8 m old boy1 month ago
A. Whether it's medically necessary because your milk supply is low or your baby is having trouble suckling, you're heading back to work and won't be able to pump often enough, or exclusively breastfeeding is just a bit too much for you to take on, giving your baby formula while you're breastfeeding is completely fine .
Mom of a 2 m old girl
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