Mom of a 10 m old boy

Q. my baby is 2 month old on his body some hair is present so how to remove it plz tell me some remidies

ExpertDr Rashmi SriramDermatologist
A. Hi, fine hairs in baby are called lanugo hairs. It resolves with age. Apply coconut oil before bath followed by gentle cleansing with warm water followed by lotion
sweetyMom of a 4 yr old girl
A. You can roll it over you can wheat dough ball over the skin of your baby in circular motion after massaging ideally they will go on the Own don’t need not to be worried about over the same at all
priyanka aroraMom of a 4 yr 6 m old boy
A. don't worry it will fade away by itself just keep doing oil massage properly and sometimes you can use raw milk for bath make sure to wash it properly with water don't try any home remedy it can harm babies sensitive skin
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