Mom of a 1 yr 5 m old girl

Q. my baby is 13 month old but she is not gaining weight, her weight is 8.5 kg, what should I do?

ExpertDr. Minal AcharyaNutritionist
A. dear mum weight for the age of baby is normal and good baby should have triple the birth weight by 1 year now baby should be having all family foods give variety of food groups 5 or more meals a day and more than one Katori every time continue to breastfeed
SanthoshiMom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl
A. Hello mom, good evening... Weight seems fine You can give avocado. Avocado 's are healthy and can help in weight gain too. You can give bananas thrice a week and you can also include potato, sweet potatoes, thrice a week, ragi c
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