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Mom of 2 childrenNov 11, 2018

Q. My baby is 1.5 months old and do vomit frequently after taking feed. He is taking powder milk. I am not able to feed due to illness after delivery of twins. Please suggest.

ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatricianNov 11, 2018
A. No need to worry for vomiting Its called as posseting. Burp properly after each and every feed for atleast 10 min or till baby take 4 burp Feed ur baby as per baby's demand only Don't overfeed ur baby Keep a watch on urine output Baby should pass minimum urine 6-8 times per day
Sudiksha Dhir DhirMom of a 2 yr 2 m old girlNov 11, 2018
A. Spitting and Vommitting are very normal especially in small babies as their reflux system is still developing so it can send back the milk.. sometimes even through nose as mouth and nose are internally connected. Burp your regularly after the feed.. also keep him in the upright position for some time even after the burping..
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