Father of a 11 m old girl1 month ago

Q. my baby age 10 th month weight 6.5

Joseph Amal rajFather of a 11 m old boy3 weeks ago
A. Dear mam consult your pediatrician. Gless your family
Nasrin ShaikhMom of a 6 m old boy4 weeks ago
A. her weight is not good you consult with dr .he will prescribe you
Author of questionFather of a 11 m old girl1 month ago
A. Tq medam
Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children1 month ago
A. 6.8 to 10.7 kg is the average weight range for this age group. But it also depends on the baby's birth weight. As long as the baby is taking feeds and eating properly, poops and pees regularly and is active and healthy u need not worry much about the weight. Keep feeding the baby a balanced and healthy diet.
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