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Guardian of a 2 yr 5 m old girl

my baby 1 year and weight 8 kg please suggest me baby weight gain

2 Answers
ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician1 Year ago
A. Give ur baby well balanced diet  It will help  You can give everything at this age which u make at home for family.  Just avoid extreme spicy, extreme sweet, and oily food items.  Give all types of food items which baby like, make it tasty and colourful which attract baby.  Give all types of fruit and fruit juices  including seasonal fruits also.  Provide more green vegetables in diet  Can add dry fruit powder in food items  It will help  Keep ur baby well hydrated  Restrict milk to 500 ml per day  Continue with breast feed till  1.5 yrs of age.  Add some appetiser to increase appetite and hence weight  if possible 
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