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Mom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy

Q. my 9 month old son has a very disturbed sleep cycle he goes to bed by 11-11:30pm gets up again around 1:30 then at 3: 30 -4 onwards hes fully awake and active till 6 am then he sleeps till 8-9 am also during daytime he hardly takes a nap of maybe 30mins to 45 mins very worried and tired because of his lack of sleep .have tried everything from giving a massage bath reading soft music and I make sure he eats well before sleep ( usually oats porridge) and his night feeds still go on..but nothing is helping some nights he just cries as I put him down and wont sleep at all.i consulted my dr she had suggested colic aid and atarax drops for 10 days but I observed he was very dull with atarax so I stopped that ...also he has not started teething yet..pls suggest

Yogita KansalMom of a 1 yr 1 m old girl
A. play with your child as much as you can.. when he will get tired he might sleep well n won't awake abruptly.
ExpertDr. Hemendra GuptaPaediatrician
A. some chikdren may have this type of sleep pattern so I would suggest you to let yiur chikd self soothe in that case so jyst relax and all the best for you and your child
SanthoshiiMom of a 2 yr 5 m old girl
A. Hi.. Give tummy full foods for better sleep. Also give warm milk before bedtime. Night dinner food and milk will keep tummy will have a peaceful sleep and you can also have a good sleep. If still baby wakes up Avoid day time sleep and naps
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