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Mom of a 2 yr 11 m old girl

my 1 and half month old baby usually wil wake up every 2 and half an hour n take feed but from last one week baby sleeping 4 to 5 hours stretch day and night time,, sometimes m only waking her up n feeding at 4 hours stretch,, is it normal??

2 Answers
Alok DeshpandeFather of a 3 yr old girl2 years ago
A. Hi. This happened to us also. But later on my daughter faced weight issues as her feeding had reduced coz of more sleep. She was under weight in 2nd month. Sleeping is not a problem unless your baby's weight is in proper check. Our doc suggested to wake her up and feed her every 2-3 hours. But advice us not to make her sleep for more than 3 hours. As they do not understand their hunger in deep sleep, and hence their weight is affected. For now, its ok if she sleeps. But make sure she gets enough feed (breast + top up) when she is awake. And keep a check on her weight. If possible please return your feeding pattern to every 2-3 hours and follow this pattern till your baby is for 6 months.
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