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Mom of a 7 m old boyFeb 15, 2020

Q. mera beta ko avi 7 month chal raha hai uska birth weight 2.700 tha or avi 7 kg hai plz tell weight sahi hai ki nehi?

ExpertVandana SharmaNutritionistFeb 15, 2020
A. Hello mom, aapka beta theek hai , babies apna birth weight double karthe hai 5-6 months mein aur triple karthe hai one year tak. Tho uska weight double se zyaada hai.
Kirti ChandwalkerMom of 2 childrenFeb 15, 2020
A. Baby's weight is absolutely normal and you should not worried. By now you should have started giving solid food. You should give Dal ka pani Rice Water adding Hing and pure ghee in it. It will be beneficial along with that you should give. baby fruit juices It will also help.
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