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Mom of a 1 yr 7 m old girl

mam my daughter is 2 month old... her 1st vaccination is done at 45 was done in govt hospital..opv-1,ipv-1,rota-penta-1 is done.. but they did not give her pcv-1. i want to ask that can we give her pcv-1 now? or not? her vaccination was done at 13-11-2019 and today it is 25-11-2019 .. can we do this now?

1 Answer
SantuMom of a 3 yr 8 m old girl1 Year ago
A. Hi parent good afternoon! ! Vaccinations to be given at birth (Newborn) BCG OPV 0 Hepatitis-B 1 Vaccines for 6 weeks baby (1.5 Month Old) IPV 1 Hepatitis-B 2 DTP 1 Rotavirus 1 Influenza type B (Hib 1) PCV 1 #3. Vaccinations for 10 weeks baby (2.5 Month Old) DTP 2 IPV 2 Influenza type B (Hib 2) Rotavirus 2 PCV 2 #4. Vaccines at 14 weeks (3.5 Month Old) DTP 3 IPV 3 Hib 3 Rotavirus 3 PCV 3 #5. Vaccinations for 6 Months Old OPV 1 Hep-B 3 #6. Vaccines for 9 months old baby OPV 2 MMR 1 #7. Vaccines for 9-12 months old baby Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine Vaccinations for one year old baby (12 Month Old) Hep-A 1 #9. Vaccines for baby at 1.3 years (15 Month Old) MMRVaricellaPCV Booster #10. Vaccination for 1.4 years old (16-18 Month Old) DTP B1IPV B1Hib B1 #11. Vaccination for 1.6 year old baby (18 Months Old) Hep-A 2 #12. Vaccination for 2 year old baby (24 Months Old) Booster of Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine A booster dose of Typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV), if primary dose is given at 9-12 months. #13. Vaccines for 4-6 years old baby DTP B2OPV 3Varicella 2MMR 3 Second dose of Varicella(Chickenpox) can be given at anytime 3 months after the first dose. Thrid dose of MMR is recommended for a 4-6 year old child. #14. Vaccination for 10-12 years old child
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