Mom of a 6 m old girl

Q. #ParentingClinic I m suffering from heavy bleeding since 3 mnths of my c section delivery and it's bright red. I even consulted my gynaecologist and provided by some injections and medications. But they are all ineffective to it. what is the reason?... is there any chance or a sign of another pregnancy?

Author of questionMom of a 6 m old girl
A. I was already been provided with hormones and many other medications.. am I suffering from postpartum hemorrhage?
ExpertDr.Sabiha AnjumGynaecologist
A. You mean to say you have bleeding continuously since 3 months? If you are suspecting pregnancy do a home pregnancy test. If the bleeding is heavy go and ask for progesterone hormones to your gynaecologist that will stop the bleeding
SowmyaMom of a 5 yr 11 m old girl
A. hi actually if you have done intercourse with your husband then you should be worried else sometimes it happens but so early having intercourse is not good so try to take rest and good nourishment
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