Mom of a 4 yr 4 m old girl

Q. I'm 6 months pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and my first delivery was LSCS . If I'm delivering my second baby by LSCS, then can I do my family planning along with LSCS ?

ExpertDr Laxmi Chavan-SawantAyurvedic Gynaecologist
A. Yes you can. Its your decision. But for that take proper nourishment, and rest. You have to have a healthy and good weight baby, so that the pediatrician gives a yes your baby. If you both remain fit at the time of delivery, we do, family planning only then. So take care
NihitaMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy
A. it will be better if you discussed this options with your gynecologist she will be able to guide you better
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