Mom of a 1 yr 1 m old girl

Q. I have twins one girl and one boy, now both completed 7months, my baby girl when we make her stand she will stand but her left foot will be on her toes and right foot she will keep flat.

ArchanaRahulMom of a 10 m old girl
A. Is good for massage babys ?
ExpertDr. Swapnil SaxenaAyurvedic Physician
A. hi don't worry as the babies are just 7 month old it will gradually improve once baby begins to stand with support on himself by around 9 months of age and gradually once he starts walking by around 11 to 15 months of age
Kirti ChandwalkerMom of 2 children
A. its ok. she will learn to rest both feet properly when grown. don't worry. just take good care of babies as taking care of two babies at a time is too big job. keep massaging legs and bones well. they will grow healthy
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