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Mom of 2 childrenAug 19, 2019

Q. #AskTheExpert I have such a big abdomen.. I too had some complications during delivery and still now I get pain in the stitched areas and my stomach looks like still Im like pregnant.. It seemed to be like 10 months.. Pls say how to reduce

shilpiMom of 2 childrenAug 19, 2019
A. first of all you should do proper treatment of the stitches only then you can go for any kind of physical activity once you are done with it and feel properly revived and your city Sahil properly then you can start with light exercise or you can do yoga at home also you can do Surya Namaskar 12 times a day if you can't do anything else in your busy routine cut all the junk food and have diet full of fibre have seasonal fruits and vegetables drink lots of water have jeera water empty stomach the early in the morning divide your meals into 6 small portions
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