Mom of a 2 yr 3 m old girl

Q. i have observed hairfall in my 3 month old it ok

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children
A. Babies often lose their hair during the first six or seven months. This is common and you need not worry. Before baby birth the hormone levels were high and after birth they decrease. So during the first few months the hair goes into a resting phase when no new hair will grow, after the resting phase the old hair will shed and new hair will start growing. So you need not worry much about the hair fall. Other reasons could be like the baby lays on one side for longer time creating a bald patch on one side of the head. Try laying her on different sides, apply coconut oil daily, once a week give oil massage and wash the baby hair with a mild shampoo, don't comb the hair too many times or put tight pony tails.
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