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Mom of a 1 yr 2 m old girl

Q. I have lot of hair fall. 70% of my hairs are gone and it was a sudden change from past 2weeks. What might be the reason and how can I resolve it.? #Vaccination

SowmyaMom of a 5 yr 11 m old girl
A. hi actually after delivery hair fall is normal so it's said you need to take care of Ur self as well as take good nourshiment and eat healthy might be due to stress or lack of sleep too it happens balance your diet
vritikaMom of a 3 yr 3 m old boy
A. Post delivery hair loss is very common with all the mothers. Just stay calm as you are not the only one. This process varies from mother to mother. Till 1 year it will become complete normal. At this time you should take extra care of the hair. Avoid harsh shampoo and avoid conditioner. Apply egg white curd or aloe vera gel on the hair. Oil can be used for new hair growth and nourishment. Do not tie the hair too tightly. Use comb with wide bristles and try to have hair cut. Continue post delivery supplements prescribed by the doctor. Make sure you have healthy diet.
ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician
A. Hello, hair fall is quite common after delivery..due to sudden fall of certain hormones causes hair loss . Eating healthy and right is very important after pregnancy. It helps keep your hair healthy too. Avoid stress. Stay calm and enjoy your time with your little one. Use wide teeth comb, Have plenty of fluids. Take protien rich diet.
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