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Guardian of a 9 m old boy

I have a daughter who is 6yrs old,she is very active kid...but she often fall sick and when she was months baby..she use to feel very difficulty to pass stool..she use to cry alot at that time...when consulted to doctor...they said nothing will get set as she growsup...but it's didn't...even now she passes urine and stool in her clothes and she says that she can't recognise that the stool and urine are coming out...when the clothes gets wet and dirty..that time she tells us...she is facing very problem in the school due to this(her friends are taunting her for this) please tell me any for this...which doctor i should consult... please please help me sir/madem

1 Answer
ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician2 months ago
A. hi, At regular intervals keep taking your kid with you to the toilet. Initially make your child sit on it daily at the same time. you may visit paediatrician first.
ExpertFirstCry Expert
Hi, have you checked out our Growth Tracker? Track your child's height and weight and see the ideal ranges as per WHO standards.
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