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Guardian of a 5 m old boyJan 16, 2020

Q. #ParentingClinic #Hairfall I have 4 months old baby my hair fall is very much nowadays, what is the solution for that

ExpertDr. Minal AcharyaNutritionistJan 17, 2020
A. Hairfall is quite common and should settle in about 6-12 months. meanwhile a nutritious diet is important for hair health consume a balanced diet variety of food groups plenty of vitamin A rich fresh fruits and vegetables, iron rich foods like dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, meat fish chicken protein foods like egg, soya, pulses, beans, milk and its products, good fats flaxseed, nuts especially walnut and almond, pumpkin seeds good water intake adequate sleep as much possible with baby avoid stress as it can increase hair fall. use mild hair care products and oil hair before shampoo avoid using Harsh hair treatments and styling protect from Harsh weather and sun
sweetyMom of a 8 yr 2 m old girlJan 16, 2020
A. use Onion juice on scalp and leave it for 30 minutes do this three times in a week it will be good for you to get rid of the problem will definitely benefits off to a good extent over this
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