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Guardian of a 8 m old girl

I have 3 and half months baby girl. I am getting her all vaccination done in Govt hospital. During 1 and half month they have given opv-1, Penta-1, ipv and rota. during 2 and half months they have given opv-2, penta-2, rota-2. When I consulted private Hospital doctor for baby hair fall they mentioned to get pneumonia injection done in pvt hospital as it's not given in govt hospital. Is this necessary to be done in pvt or is whatever given in govt hospital sufficient? Pvt hospital has recommended for 3 shots of pneumonia-pcv.

1 Answer
Rashmi GuptaMom of a 6 yr 8 m old girl4 months ago
A. Hello ma’am If you are continuously going for the government hospital only then go for the vaccination is only with the government hospitals providing you because if you will get into private hospital in government hospital both then you will just end up getting confused nothing else some actual issues are important and should not be scared as they are mandatory rest most of them are options it is your choice whether you want to go for them or not
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