Mom of a 1 yr 7 m old boy1 Year ago

Q. I have 1.5 month old baby.. I m observing from last two days that his feet and hand turn cold in evening. he start crying also.. when I cover him in sheet and hold for some minutes.. he calm down and fall asleep. also feet and hand are on normal temperature. I m keeping in AC room. please confirm is that a problem? could be related as I m type 2 diabetic and have thyroid also.

ExpertDr Arti SharmaPaediatrician1 Year ago
A. Hi If he's active feeding well do not think there is anything to worry. Its normal but if you are doubtful better to consult Doctor once
Author of questionMom of a 1 yr 7 m old child1 Year ago
A. I am not keeping him AC Room
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