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Mom of a 7 m old girlDec 17, 2019

Q. I had my c section on 14 July 2019 after that bleeding continue upto 5 aug ( heavy in initial 3 to 4 days only after that only light bleeding) and then stopped. Again on 5 sep I had my period but that was also light for only 3 days and then it stopped. Again on 30 sep I got my period same as on 5 sep then again stopped in 3 days(light bleeding). after that till date I have not got my period. I have checked pregnancy twice using home kit too but both result came out as negative. pls let me know is it normal.

ExpertDr Shradha shikharePaediatricianDec 17, 2019
A. hello mom after delivery initially some cycles may be irregular show to ur gynac as even some hormonal issues are very common get tbyroid test done as well as sonography if needed
Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr 2 m old boyDec 17, 2019
A. hello the delay in periods can be due to hormonal imbalance or any other harmonal problem so would recommend you to once check with your gynecologist and she will be able to guide you better on examination of the same
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