Mom of 2 children

Q. I got c section delivery on 24th mar 2019.. along with family planning operation also happened.. within 2 -4 days 2 months completes but bleeding is still continuing.. it's not heavy but using 1 pad a day.. in the middle of 2nd month bleeding happened Like a normal menses for 3 days and again flow came to normal.. consulted my gynecologistshe gave me some medication but no use.. is it normal or abnormal.. suggest any experiences...

Manisha JainMom of a 5 m old boy
A. my baby 4n half mnt old he have small boil in head why this happen
Sowmya RameshMom of a 5 yr 10 m old girl
A. hi actually sometimes it happens as each of us are different and our body nature too so try consulting your doctor again and get examined sometimes harmonal changes bleeding happens it's normal wait if it continues try taking second opinion
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