Mom of a 2 m old boy3 days ago

Q. #AskTheExpert #ParentingClinic I dont have sufficient breast milk my baby s n three months

ExpertShyamala SathiaseelanLactation Educator and Counselor3 days ago
A. Dear Mamma, why do you think your supply is low? As long as baby has a pee count of six plus in twenty four hours then your baby is getting enough milk
Swati MMom of a 3 yr 11 m old girl3 days ago
A. if the sufficient breast milk is not there then you should take roasted Fox nuts and shatavari with milk it will be good and also take mother's Horlicks it will be beneficial for the same
PayalMom of 2 children3 days ago
A. have more shatavari with milk papaya in raw and ripe form, Garden cress ,dry fruits jeera ,bajar khaskhas etc to gain milk production. Think positive and don't take stress as it hampers breastfeeding. You can also consult breastfeeding counselor organic
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