Father of a 1 yr 8 m old boy1 Year ago

Q. I am planning to go to Goa via flights, what precautions should I take for baby?

Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr old child1 Year ago
A. Hello....don't worry flight attendants will be there to help you...how ever while the flight is taking off some baby can expirience ear pain and while landing babies n adults too can experience pain...make sure you carry your baby upwards....do not breastfeed or let your baby sleep during that period.. carry baby essentials and ear pin to cover baby ears....also you can breastfeed baby if doing in small babies...
Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children1 Year ago
A. Make sure you feed the baby during take off and landing of the flight, so that he will not feel uncomfortable, will have less ear pain and doze off to sleep soon. If the baby feels like crying let him cry, it will be soothing his ear pain. Also wear clothes which will be comfortable for feeding just in case the baby demands to feed during the journey. Pack the necessities like diaper bag, baby wipes, changing mat, extra clothes for the baby, if required baby sling or baby carrier, etc., if u r feeding formula pack the sterilised bottles, hot water in a flask and formula tin. Carry some toys to engage the baby when she is awake. If the baby looks unsettled, short walks can keep her calm and distracted.
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