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Mom of a 3 yr 8 m old girl

I am facing severe hairfall since 2 months of delivery..please help...will hairfall stop naturally or do i need to take some medicine?

2 Answers
ExpertDr.Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist3 years ago
A. .  protein diet ,adequate hydration, minerals are  extremely important to prevent hairfall. external products wont help much in this case. also change in hairfall pattern will be visible only after 3 to 4 months once you improve diet. hairfall after delivery is normal due to hormonal changes. however try and have nutritious diet rich in protein, continue taking calcium supplements while breastfeeding, stay hydrated. this will help in prevention  of hair loss. also avoid excess use of shampoo, massage oil regularly to stimulate blood circulation around hair roots.  keep patience .
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