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Mom of 2 childrenOct 16, 2018

Q. how to promote weight gain for my 9 month old baby boy..he is 7 kgs at present..he had a good birth weight of 3.2 kgs ..I am already feeding him meals anything other than that pls suggest

ExpertKanika AroraNutritionistOct 16, 2018
A. hello..the weight of the baby is can start giving the baby soft chapati with light dal...mashed seasonal veges...seasonal fruits...powdered nuts like almonds walnuts and cashews in kheer or halwa...try to give three big meals along with small meals in between...fix meal timings... add ghee for extra calories... continue breastfeeding the baby...
sweetyMom of a 4 yr 1 m old girlOct 16, 2018
A. nothing to be worried about waiting on the matter of concern if the baby is not active you baby is active nothing to be worried about give everything whatever you cook for yourself give it to your baby and give sweet potatoes regularly
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