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Mom of a 3 yr 11 m old boy

how to cure running nose and dry cough of 6+month baby?

1 Answer
PreranaMom of a 7 yr 5 m old girl3 years ago
A. hello ask doctor for giving steam to your baby.. it really worked steam help to out all cough through vomiting.. other than that to reducing cough is shek of ajwain potli... two time in a day at least.. drink only warm water.. don't give dairy products, more milk, cheese, banana , maida product.... exceed of ghee. complete medicine course which doctor prescribed your.. Cold Exclusive breastfeeding is compulsory till 6 months. Other than that formula milk and if prescribed medication can be given. If baby is suffering from cold and cough, make sure she is covered well and protected from cold. U can make her wear head cap, gloves, socks. Keep her room warm. If there is nasal congestion, nasal saline drops can be used. Nasal decongestants can also be used. Of she has runny nose, nasal aspirator can be used to clear her nose. Nebulisation can be done. Continue breastfeeding. If problem is severe you must visit your doctor for proper medication. eucalyptus oil and apply it to him clothes.. Keep him warm
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