Mom of a 2 yr 8 m old girl

Q. Hii dear all parents.... I have undergone C section in the month of May... after that postpartum bleeding was continuous for 2.5 months and with the gap of 25 days again bleeding started.Im breastfeeding my baby. Iam this normal ???plzz suggest.

Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 8 m old girl
A. Thank u..
Kirthika SaravananMom of a 2 yr 7 m old girl
A. hello dear, even I hd the same problem but I dint have heavy bleeding just spotting... doctor said it's fine ... for some mothers we Ll have spotting until we stop breastfeeding... nothing to worry until it's heavy... monthly bleeding for 5 days is usual...
Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 8 m old girl
A. I have consulted gynocologist....she gave me pause tablet for heavy bleeding.. after using pause...i have got 25 days gap and again 3-5 days bleeding started and after that spotting.
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 5 yr 10 m old boy
A. ,....don't worry... it's common to irregularities in periods after the delivery... Generally, as far as you're exclusively breastfeeding the baby, the milk production is going on in full swing, the body will not start to ovulate, ie no periods... it's a nature's way to gap between the two babies... But then, if you started bleeding, then also , generally till you are breastfeeding the baby, the periods tend to be irregular... but always use it is not full proof protection... If you're still concerned then please consult the gynaecologist regarding the same as he can better guide you through the same after proper examination and analysis....
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