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Mom of a 4 yr 5 m old girlDec 08, 2019

Q. Hie my daughter 4 yrs old suffering from fever cold n cough since Tuesday went to doctor completed 5 days course of antibiotic also...but fever is the same it subsided whem given medicine again it comes doctor says she had some chest infection....but the didnt took any xray n all ....

ankita mehtaMom of a 4 yr 5 m old girlJan 30, 2020
A. hi, I would suggest some home made kind of remedies that have worked very well with me and my kid so far.. 1. Put the small bowl full of chopped onions near her bed (approx 1.5 feet far) overnight. Smell is not pleasant but it surely heals. 2. Give 2 spoons of lukewarm salty water(1/4 teaspoon salt in 1 cup of water) to her every 45 minutes for the whole day. 3. take apt sunlight (atleast 20 minutes a day) please make sure there are no cold winds.
Sonam PrasadMom of a 3 yr 6 m old boyDec 08, 2019
A. hi dear for medicine you have to consult doctor once you have to give warm water with honey in morning everyday keep your baby body warm apply warm mustard oil massage regular give moong dal khichdi vegetable warm soup
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