Mom of a Newborn1 week ago

Q. Hi Please guide how to get out of cold for my 2 months baby born in 30weeks

ExpertDr Bandana JoshiAyurvedic Physician1 week ago
A. As the baby is very small so you shouldcinsult your Paediatrician. Cover your baby well especially head feet and hands. Keep feeding your baby well for faster recovery. Roast some ajwain on tawa and make a potli and keep it close to vaby
nikkiMom of 2 children1 week ago
A. mamaearth baby vapour rub is best apply on feet chest n back it will soothe the baby
Nelofer FernandesMom of a 6 yr 11 m old boy1 week ago
A. Hi, You can try some home remedies, burn some garlic peels with a little ajwain and put this smoke in babies clothes amd room as the aroma of garlic and ajwain will help against cold bacteria. You can also roast ajwain and put it into a cloth and make a small bundle and keep it neasr babies pillow at night. If the child has a blocked nose or difficulty breathing you can consult your doctor for some saline drops.
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