Mom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy

Q. Hi... My son is 15 weeks old, we didn't vaccinate him PCV 1,2 doses . Can we vaccinate him 1st dose along with ipv,dpt 3rd dose or opt for booster dose at 15months..? We will shift to Northside after completion of his 6th month..

Author of questionMom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy
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ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician
A. Hi..yes you to your paedritician he or she will guide you better.. PCV vaccine is important because infants and very young children are at higher risk for several dangerous infections, including pneumonia and bacterial meningitis. All infants younger than 24 months should receive four doses of the vaccine, the first one at 2 months.
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