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Mom of a 3 yr 2 m old girl

Hi, My little girl baby 2 yrs and 6 months old. She has problem in sleep in night. She doesn't know how to sleep. Every day after 7-8 PM she started to cry and if she sleeps also every day midnight 1 AM she started to cry for 30 mints to 1 hr without any reason. Day time she is sleeping for 1-2 hrs. During day time also she is crying without reason I cannot control her. Please help me how to introduce sleep for her and solutions for midnight cry. I tired these all, 1. switched off lights. 2. feeded properly. 3. I am lying next to her 4. if she asks means giving toys 5. telling stories But no results. She is not sleeping herself. Sometimes night time we need take her to slow bike ride for sleep. If she goes in bike means she is sleeping. Expecting solutions for my little one sleep ...

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Author of questionMom of a 3 yr 2 m old girl7 months ago
A. Thank you. I am not showing tv or mobile also we are in village so full day she is playing outside with other kids.
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Guardian of a 6 m old boy
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