Mom of a 3 yr 3 m old boy

Q. Hi my kid is now 22 month old.. He is not gaining weight properly. Now only weighs 8.5 kg.. Though he ate all food like egg, fish, mutton,fruits,dhal n even dry fruits.. Sometimes vomits eg. If he ate more than 2 idly Please assist.

Author of questionMom of a 3 yr 3 m old boy
A. Thank you moms for ur valuable suggestions
DeepshikhaMom of a 2 yr 9 m old boy
A. you may try giving sweet potatoe, ghee, butter
Nitika Dhingra Rawal Dhingra RawalMom of a 4 yr 1 m old boy
A. Hello dear Yes weight is less..But give food only till the amounts baby can have as after that if baby vomits then its all waste and is not at all good for baby..and give milk just twice a day..that is 500 ml in a day..
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 5 yr 10 m old boy
A. don't force feed him.. don't over feed him... feed him in small amounts but frequently... his tummy is still small.. For weight gain... you should give him banana, ghee, butter, whole cream yoghurt, cheese, paneer, avacado, sweet potatoes, potatoes, ragi, egg , meat ( if non vegetarian), dry fruits, etc to increase the baby weight... You should give him full cream cow milk... Also after completing 2 years, you should give milk supplements like Bournvita lil champ, junior Horlicks ,pediasure Complan nutri gro, enfagrow A+, etc
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