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Father of a 7 m old boy

Q. Hi , my kid is 7month old , I can see some rashes like on his neck shown in attached pic

sonali kambliMom of 2 children
A. hi you may try The Moms co Natural Soothing relief is Natural Enriched with 1% Colloidal Oatmeal to protect, Calendula Oil to soothe, and Organic Aloe Vera Gel to moisturise dry, sensitive skin
ExpertDr. Hemendra GuptaPaediatrician
A. it looks like miliary rash which is a very common problem seen in many children specifically in the summers so I would suggest you to maintain the body temperature as well as room temperature comfortable and use cotton clothing for your child
Manali K MehtaMom of a 4 yr old boy
A. hi mam As per photo you attached it is produce due to more sweating . some time due to more sweating bacterial or fungal infection is produce so please give daily bath to your child. please lose cotton clothes for this summer season. keep your child cool and dry and maintain hygiene. you may use baby prickly heat powder after bath.
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