Father of a 1 yr 6 m old girl3 weeks ago

Q. Hi My daughter is 17 months old and she is having cold and cough with phlegm. the medicine that we give here is so bad in taste that she pukes it out immediately. can you suggest a medicine that's sweet in taste for a 17 months old baby ?? Any home remedy, most welcome.

ExpertDr. Hemendra GuptaPaediatrician3 weeks ago
A. I would suggest you to use a nasal saline spray if nasal block is there and steam inhalations are also good for your child so take care and all the best for you
vritikaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy3 weeks ago
A. first of all give lots of indirect steam to the baby. give plenty of warm liquid intake. give warm tulsi infused water to the baby. heat some mustard oil and add garlic. heat till the garlic turns brown. massage the chest neck back and feet and cover the baby properly. do it just once or twice a day. if the baby does not like medicine then you can add some Jaggery to the medicine to make it sweet and feed medicine using dropper keeping the baby in sitting position. change the medicine after consulting the doctor.
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