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Mom of a 2 yr 7 m old boy

Hi. My baby is 3mnth old. He is having rashes in neck and armpit. Also he has rashes in thigh folds also. I apply coconut oil daily over the effected area. But it did not get cure. Also I consulted a dermatologist. She suggested me to apply candid b ointment on the effected area. But there was not good result. Plz suggest me something that will help me in curing my baby rashes

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Sneha PuruswaniMom of 2 children2 years ago
A. It's common to get rashes in the folds of the skin clean dry the area apply some baby powder on the affected area don't sprinkle put some on your hands and apply. Clean the area twice or thrice a day and dry completely
Mom of a 3 m old boy
Mom of a 1 yr 1 m old boy
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