Mom of a 4 m old boy2 months ago

Q. Hi, my baby is 2 months old and is exclusively breastfed , for some reason he tilts his head to one side moat of the time ; left side. Is it normal? He was vaccum suctioned while his birth.(fyi)

Expertdr Komal agrawal Paediatrician2 months ago
A. Hello ..I don’t think somchild has some issue as such and vacuum will not cause harm over neck but to avoid missing anything we must consult your pediatrician who will examine the baby and see if there is some mass on the left side of neck and has any issues or not..when you go for vaccination then you show your baby to him ...nothing urgent
ExpertDr RasikaPaediatric Intensivist2 months ago
A. if he is taking feed from both sides nothing to worry about. Laying baby flat on tummy is tummy time. It can be done as early as day 1.   tummy time should be done after 1 hour of feeding. baby should not be hungry, crying, or sleepy when you do it,  do it for 1 minute everyday,  slowly increase frequency and  time if baby enjoys it. if baby starts crying , make him supine. encourage the baby while on tummy. it helps in relieving gases, strengthening neck and shoulder muscles.
ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician2 months ago
A. Need to examine ur baby Visit ur nearest pediatrician He will examine ur baby and guide u in a better way Keep ur Baby well hydrated Continue to give feed as per baby's demand Keep a watch on urine output Baby should pass urine minimum 6-8 times per day.
priyanka aroraMom of a 3 yr 5 m old boy2 months ago
A. it's totally normal even my baby is vacuum suction so don't worry this will not cause any effect on your baby as baby grow he will stable his neck if baby is active and gaining weight then no need to worry
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