Mom of a 3 m old girl1 month ago

Q. Hi, my baby girl yet to have a 10week vaccination due to health issue it got postponed to one week is that fine. .. r can I give her vaccination before two days early to the last vaccination date please do suggest me .

ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician1 month ago
A. Yes sure 1-2 wks early or delay is aceeptable for vaccination At  6,10,14wks ur baby will have  DTP, HiB, Hep. B, and IPV  Plus  Pneumoccocal vaccine Plus  Rotavirus vaccine.  In DTP component if u go for whole cell ie DTwP  It may cause pain fever and sometime swelling at vaccination site (painful vaccination).  In DTP component if u go for accelular ie DTaP It doesn't cause pain fever and swelling at vaccination site(painless vaccination).   Both Vaccine ie whole cell or accelular are equally good and effective 
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