Mom of a 4 m old girl3 days ago

Q. hi my baby 5 months running .. had fever for past 3 days and now I notice only her head is warm while checking temperature it's showing 98.3 F . should I give her paracetamol now or not needed.. pls reply asap

EttyMom of 2 children3 days ago
A. yes paracetamol only when temp is above 100..same happened with my baby also but doc said its may b because of high blood circulation only.i hope u r not making her sleep with socks?
PayalMom of 2 children3 days ago
A. hi. if the temperature is hundred and above then only you should give paracetamol. 98.5 suggest that he is not having fever . Sometimes in winters you may feel the temperature of body is high.
NihitaMom of a 2 yr old boy3 days ago
A. It is not required until and unless the temperature crosses 99 and you are supposed to be checking the temperature at intervals of every four hours to see if it is sustaining at that
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