Mom of a 8 m old boy2 weeks ago

Q. Hi, my 9 month old has a problem while doing potty, he stresses a lot and his face turns red as well. once done he gets a bad rash near the potty area. please advice

Suneet singhGuardian of a 1 m old boy2 weeks ago
A. sir ji Mera baby 32days ka h is poti nahi 5-5din kise problem krke ho rha hh
Apoorva MoreMom of a 3 yr old boy2 weeks ago
A. This straining is because of the constipation. Give baby a lot of water to drink. Reduce the quantity of milk in diet. Soak black currents in water for 8 hrs and make baby drink that water. Apply glycerin around the anus. Wash anus with lukewarm after potty and Pat dry
Kirti ChandwalkerMom of 2 children2 weeks ago
A. since baby has constipation see the baby is having a lot of liquid while having food to remove constipation it will be better to consult doctor for good medication and try to give baby solved as much as possible
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