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Mom of a 3 yr 4 m old girl

hi madam which food is good for baby weight gain?my daughter is 1 yr 1 month old,she is of 8 kg weight.

1 Answer
SantuMom of a 3 yr 8 m old girl2 years ago
A. You can start giving all family foods. Everything that you have can be given to baby with less spice and less oil. Avoid snacks and other junks and replace with fruits and nuts. Breakfast - idli, dosa, pongal, oats, chapati soaked n sambar or milk, upma, poha, potato mash, banana mash, ragi porridge, multigrain porridge, Lunch - rice with milk, dal, watery sambar, any veggie rice, Khicidi, One egg, chicken and mutton are hard to digest puree and give as soup, Evening snack - finger foods, small of carrot, apple, banana, nuts milkshake, juices, banana, potato, puffed rice, poha, Dinner - milk rice, chapati with milk, rasam rice, dosa with milk idli with milk, wheat rice cerlac, anything with milk will induce good sleep, Breakfast at 8.30 Mid day milk Lunch at 1 Evening snack at 3 Evening milk at 5 Dinner at 7-8
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